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 newborn neurons

The mechanisms that regulate the generation of neuronal diversity in the developing central nervous system (CNS) have started to be unraveled. Various studies have shown that both the spatial and temporal origins of precursors determine the neurotransmitter phenotype, firing properties, subtype specificity and the position of the cell body in different regions and different layers.

These rules seem to persist into adulthood in the sub-ventricular zone (SVZ) of the lateral ventricle, i.e. the main adult germinal zone of the adult forebrain.


July 2015. Aymeric Bianco Pelle, from e-artsup, a French private university created in 2001 and specialized in digital creativity and multimedia has joined the lab to develop innovative 3D representations of the germinal regions of the forebrain (see examples). This work will be developed in collaboration with ICAP. Have a look here at their 3D modelling work on their youtube channel.

May 2015.
Kasum Azim has obtained a competitive Advanced Postodc Mobility Grant from the Swiss National Fund. He has moved to Benedikt Berninger laboratory in Mainz to develop his research project. Congrats und viel Spass Kaz!

April 2015.
New publications from the team in Stem Cells: Azim K, Hurtado-Chong A, Fischer B et al. Read

February 2015.
Anahi Hurtado has left the lab and started a new job as Project Manager Scientific Affairs at AO Foundation. Have a good start Anahi, best wishes!

December 2014.
Bruno Fischer has successfully received his PhD from the ETH Zurich. He has started to work as a Training Coordinator at DePuy Synthes. Congratulations and best wishes to him!

November 2014.
Olivier Raineteau is invited, as a recipient of the package PALSE, at the opening academic year ceremony of the University of Lyon, to speak about his choice to come to Lyon to create a new research team. See video and pictures

October 2014.
New publications from the team in Neural Development: Fischer B et al. and in Stem Cells: Beyeler S et al. Read


As observed in the embryo, neural stem cells (NSCs) in distinct location of the lateral ventricule contribute to the generation of neurons that will migrate to different layers of the olfactory bulb and express distinct subtype specific markers.
These observations suggest that rather than being plastic and homogeneous, neural stem cells of the lateral ventricule are a restricted and diverse population of progenitors.

By using a combination of molecular and imaging tools, our research addresses the following aims:

* To better understand the diversity of neural stem cells lineages in the postnatal forebrain

* To identify the transcription factors involved in neuronal differentiation and lineage specification

* To manipulate expression of these transcription factors in pathologies of the central nervous system in order to promote its repair



Selected publications

- Azim K, Hurtado-Chong A, Fischer B, Kumar N, Zweifel S, Taylor V, Raineteau O (2015) Transcriptional hallmarks of heterogeneous neural stem cell niches of the subventricular zone. Stem Cells, July; 33(7):2232-42 |Abstract|

- Azim K, Fischer B, Hurtado-Chong A, Draganova K, Cantù C, Zemke M, Sommer L, Butt A, Raineteau O (2014) Persistent Wnt/β-Catenin signaling determines dorsalization of the postnatal subventricular zone and neural stem cell specification into oligodendrocytes and glutamatergic neurons. Stem Cells, May; 32(5):1301-12 |Abstract|

- Beyeler S, Joly S, Fries M, Obermair FJ, Burn F, Mehmood R, Tabatabai G, Raineteau O (2014) Targeting the bHLH transcriptional networks by mutated E proteins in experimental glioma. Stem Cells, October; 32 (10):2583-95 |Abstract|

- Azim K, Zweifel S, Klaus F, Yoshikawa K, Amrein I, Raineteau O (2013) Early decline in progenitor diversity in the marmoset lateral ventricle. Cerebral Cortex, April;23(4):922-31 |Abstract|

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