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November 4th

As a recipient of the package 'Programme Avenir Lyon St-Etienne' (PALSE), Olivier Raineteau is invited at the opening academic year of the University of Lyon to speak about his choice to come to Lyon to create a new research team. Read


October 29th

New publications from the team:

  • Beyeler S et al. (Stem Cells)
  • Fischer B et al. (Neural Development)

Link to the articles




October 1st

Diane Angonin starts her PhD in the team. Her project aims at testing if postnatal forebrain progenitors can change fate in pathological situations. More



October 1st

Vanessa Donega has joined the lab for a Postdoc. She will work on the competence of defined progenitor populations to contribute to forebrain repair after neonatal injuries. More





Diane Angonin has completed her Master project in the lab and has succeeded in obtaining a competitive PhD fellowship from the BMIC (the Molecular, Integrative and Cellular Biology Doctoral School of Lyon). We are looking forward to continue working with her.



June 25th

New publication in Journal of Neuroscience in collaboration with the group of Dr. Urs Gerber from the University of Zurich: Ster J et al. Link to article





Sarah Beyeler has received her PhD from the ETH Zurich, and has moved in August 2014 to the lab of Dr. Ghazaleh Tabatabai in Tübingen for a Postdoc. Congratulations and best wishes to her!





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September 1st

Olivier Raineteau integrates the Stem Cell and Brain Research Institute (Inserm U846) in Lyon as Research Director. He is currently building up his new lab on 'Postnatal forebrain development and plascticity'.



May 16th

Roberto Fiorelli mastered his PhD. Congratulations to him! Roberto has started a postdoctoral fellowship in May 2014 at the Barrow Neurological Institute, St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona (USA). He is currently working in the laboratory of Dr. Nader Sanai onto a brain tumour related project




April 10th

New publication from Kazum Azim et al. in Cerebral Cortex. Link to article


March 21st

Clara Orlando mastered her PhD. Congratulations to her!

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New publications from Clara Orlando et al. in Journal of Neuroscience and from Kazum Azim et al. in Glia. Link to the articles



New publication from Kazum Azim et al. in PLoS One. Link to article



December 3rd

50-year Jubilee of the Brain Research Institute in Zurich. Our lab has been participating to the Open Day of the Institute, an exciting event welcoming hundreds of visitors.


Read the press release (in German)


July 2nd

The Stem Cell Map. Stem cells have the ability to transform into various specialised cells. Such cells exist in the brain of adult mammals. This discovery has aroused many hopes. Olivier Raineteau has been collaborating with Irmgard Amrein from the Institute of Anatomy (University of Zurich) to compare the potential of stem cells in marmosets and mice.

Read the press release (in German)


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