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Amrein I, Nosswitz M, Slomianka L, van Dijk RM, Engler S, Klaus F, Raineteau O, Azim K. Septo-temporal distribution and lineage progression of hippocampal neurogenesis in a primate (Callithrix jacchus) in comparison to mice.
Front Neuroanat, Jun 29;9:85 |Abstract|


Fiorelli R, Azim K, Fischer B, Raineteau O. Adding a spatial dimension to postnatal ventricular-subventricular zone neurogenesis.
Development, Jun 15;142(12):2109-2120 |Abstract|


Azim K, Hurtado-Chong A, Fischer B, Kumar N, Zweifel S, Taylor V, Raineteau O. Transcriptional hallmarks of heterogeneous neural stem cell niches of the subventricular zone.
Stem Cells, Jul;33(7):2232-42. Epub 2015 Apr 23 |Abstract|



Fischer B, Azim K, Hurtado-Chong A, Ramelli S, Fernández M, Raineteau O. E-proteins orchestrate the progression of neural stem cell differentiation in the postnatal forebrain.
Neural Development, October;9(1):23 |Abstract|


Beyeler S, Joly S, Fries M, Obermair FJ, Burn J, Mehmood R, Tabatabai G, Raineteau O. Targeting the bHLH transcriptional networks by mutated E proteins in experimental glioma.
Stem Cells, October;32(10):2583-95 |Abstract|


Azim K, Rivera A, Raineteau O, Butt AM. GSK3β regulates oligodendrogenesis in the dorsal microdomain of the subventricular zone via Wnt-β-catenin signaling.
Glia, May;62(5):778-9 |Abstract|


Ster J, Steuble M, Orlando C, Diep TM, Akhmedov A, Raineteau O, Pernet V, Sonderegger P and Gerber U. Calsyntenin-1 regulates targeting of dendritic NMDA receptors and dendritic spine maturation in CA1 hippocampal pyramidal cells during postnatal development.
Journal of Neuroscience, June;34(26):8716-27 |Abstract|


Azim K, Fischer B, Hurtado-Chong A, Draganova K, Cantù C, Zemke M, Sommer L, Butt A, Raineteau O. Persistent Wnt/β-Catenin signaling determines dorsalization of the postnatal subventricular zone and neural stem cell specification into oligodendrocytes and glutamatergic neurons.
Stem Cells, May;32(5):1301-12 |Abstract|


Orlando C. & Raineteau O. Integrity of cortical perineuronal nets influences corticospinal tract plasticity after spinal cord injury.
Brain Struct Funct., Jan 31. [Epub ahead of print] |Abstract|


Giachino C, Basak O, Lugert S, Knuckles P, Obernier K, Fiorelli R, Frank S, Raineteau O, Alvarez-Buylla A, Taylor V. Molecular diversity subdivides the adult forebrain neural stem cell population.
Stem Cells, Jan;32(1):70-84. |Abstract|



Fiorelli R, Cebrian-Silla A, Garcia-Verdugo JM, Raineteau O. The adult spinal cord harbors a population of GFAP-positive progenitors with limited self-renewal potential.
Glia, Dec;61(12):2100-13. |Abstract|


Azim K, Zweifel S, Klaus F, Yoshikawa K, Amrein I, Raineteau O. Early decline in progenitor diversity in the marmoset lateral ventricle.
Cerebral Cortex, Apr;23(4):922-31. |Abstract|





Orlando C, Ster J, Gerber U, Fawcett JW, Raineteau O. Perisynaptic chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans restrict structural plasticity in an integrin-dependent manner.
Journal of Neuroscience, Dec 12;32(50):18009-17 |Abstract|


Azim K, Fiorelli R, Zweifel S, Hurtado-Chong A, Yoshikawa K, Slomianka L, Raineteau O. 3-dimensional examination of the adult mouse subventricular zone reveals lineage-specific microdomains.
PLoS One ;7(11): EPub49087. |Abstract|


Godin JD, Thomas N, Laguesse S, Malinouskaya L, Close P, Malaise O, Purnelle A, Raineteau O, Campbell K, Fero M, Moonen G, Malgrange B, Chariot A, Metin C, Besson A, Nguyen L. p27(Kip1) is a microtubule-associated protein that promotes microtubule polymerization during neuron migration.
Dev Cell. Oct 16;23(4):729-44 |Abstract|


Azim K, Raineteau O, Butt AM. Intraventricular injection of FGF-2 promotes generation of oligodendrocyte-lineage cells in the postnatal and adult forebrain.
Glia, Dec;60(12):1977-90. |Abstract|


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Fernández ME, Croce S, Boutin C, Cremer H, Raineteau O. Targeted electroporation of defined lateral ventricular walls: a novel and rapid method to study fate specification during postnatal forebrain neurogenesis.
Neural Development, Apr 5;6:13. |Abstract|


Winpenny E, Lebel-Potter M, Fernandez ME, Brill MS, Götz M, Guillemot F, Raineteau O. Sequential generation of olfactory bulb glutamatergic neurons by Neurog2-expressing precursor cells.
Neural Development,
Apr 5;6:12. |Abstract|



Fernandez M.E. & Raineteau O. Excitement keeps your brain cells alive.
Frontiers in Neurogenesis, 24 (4): 46 |Abstract|


Winpenny E & Raineteau O. You are what you express: glutamatergic neurogenesis in the adult SVZ.
Cell Cycle, June 9:12, 2259-60 |Abstract|



Brill M. *, Ninkovic J. *, Helps E.*, Hodge R. D., Ozen I., Yang R., Berninger B., Parras C., Guillemot F., Hevner R.F., Raineteau O* & Götz M*   (*Equal Contribution). Generation of glutamatergic neurons in the adult subependymal zone
Nature Neurosciences, Dec;12(12):1524-33. |Abstract|


Geoffroy CG., Critchley JA., Castro DS., Ramelli S., Barraclough C., Descombes P., Guillemot F., & Raineteau O.
Engineering of dominant active basic helix-loop-helix proteins that are resistant to negative regulation by postnatal central nervous system antineurogenic cues.
Stem Cells, 27(4):847-56. |Abstract|



Raineteau O. Plasticic responses to spinal cord injuries.
Behavioral Brain Research, 192(1):114-23 |Abstract|


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Ozen I., Galichet C., Watts C., Parras C., Guillemot F., & Raineteau O. Proliferating neuronal progenitors in the postnatal hippocampus transiently express the proneural gene Ngn2.
European Journal of Neuroscience, 25(9):2591-603 |Abstract|


Geoffroy C. & Raineteau O. A Cre-lox approach for transient transcription factor expression in neural stem cells and long-term tracking of their glial/neuronal progeny in vitro and in vivo.
BMC Developmental Biology, 7(1):45 |Abstract|


Joannides A., Fioré-Heriché C., Battersby., Raineteau O., Athauda-Arachchi P.,  Bouhon I., Compston A., Allen N & Chandran S. Efficient neurogenesis from human embryonic stem cells: a scaleable and defined system recapitulating human neural development.
Brain, 130:1263-75 |Abstract|



Raineteau O., Hugel S., Ozen I., Rietschin L., Sigrist M., Arber S., Gahwiler BH. Conditional labeling of newborn granule cells to visualize their integration into established circuits in hippocampal slice cultures.
Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, 32(4):344-55 |Abstract|


Gee CE., Benquet P., Raineteau O., Rietschin L., Kirbach SW., Gerber U. NMDA receptors and the differential ischemic vulnerability of hippocampal neurons.
European Journal of Neuroscience, 23(10):2595-603 |Abstract|


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Vulliemoz S., Raineteau O., Jabaudon D. Reaching beyond the midline: why are human brains cross wired?
Lancet Neurology, 4(2):87-99 |Abstract|



Raineteau O., Rietschin L., Gradwohl G., Guillemot F., Gahwiler BH. Neurogenesis in hippocampal slice cultures.
Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, 26(2):241-50 |Abstract|


Bareyre FM., Kerschensteiner M., Raineteau O., Mettenleiter TC., Weinmann O., Schwab ME. The injured spinal cord spontaneously forms a new intraspinal circuit in adult rats.
Nature Neuroscience, 7(3):269-77 |Abstract|



Ehrengruber MU., Renggli M., Raineteau O., Hennou S., Vaha-Koskela M., Hinkkanen A., Lundstrom K. Semliki Forest virus A7(74) transduces hippocampal neurons and glial cells in a temperature-dependent dual manner
Journal of Neurovirology, 9(1):16-28 |Abstract|



Raineteau O., Fouad K., Bareyre FM., Schwab ME. Reorganization of descending motor tracts in the rat spinal cord.
European Journal of Neuroscience, 16(9):1761-71 |Abstract|


Kuchler M, Fouad K, Weinmann O, Schwab ME, Raineteau O. Red nucleus projections to distinct motor neuron pools in the rat spinal cord.
Journal of Comparative Neurology, 448(4):349-59 |Abstract|


Schucht P., Raineteau O., Schwab ME., Fouad K. Anatomical correlates of locomotor recovery following dorsal and ventral lesions of the rat spinal cord.
Experimental Neurology, 176(1):143-53 |Abstract|


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Raineteau O., Schwab ME. Plasticity of motor systems after incomplete spinal cord injury.
Nature Review Neuroscience, 2(4):263-73 |Abstract|


Raineteau O., Fouad K., Noth P., Thallmair M., Schwab ME. Functional switch between motor tracts in the presence of the mAb IN-1 in the adult rat.
Proceedings of National Academy of Science U S A, 5;98(12):6929-34 |Abstract|


Merkler D., Metz GA., Raineteau O., Dietz V., Schwab ME., Fouad K. Locomotor recovery in spinal cord-injured rats treated with an antibody neutralizing the myelin-associated neurite growth inhibitor Nogo-A.
Journal of Neuroscience, 21(10):3665-73 |Abstract|


2000 and older

Z'Graggen WJ., Fouad K., Raineteau O., Metz GA., Schwab ME., Kartje GL. Compensatory sprouting and impulse rerouting after unilateral pyramidal tract lesion in neonatal rats.
Journal of Neuroscience, 2000, 20(17):6561-9 |Abstract|


Raineteau O., Z'Graggen WJ., Thallmair M., Schwab ME. Sprouting and regeneration after pyramidotomy and blockade of the myelin-associated neurite growth inhibitors NI 35/250 in adult rats.
European Journal of Neuroscience, 1999, 11(4):1486-90 |Abstract|


Thallmair M., Metz GA., Z'Graggen WJ., Raineteau O., Kartje GL., Schwab ME. Neurite growth inhibitors restrict plasticity and functional recovery following corticospinal tract lesions.
Nature Neuroscience, 1998, 1(2):124-31 |Abstract|


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